Quartz Coil Technology Explained

What exactly is Quartz Coil Vape Technology ?

Since electrical conductivity in fused Quartz is ionic in nature, and alkali ions exist only as trace constituents, fused Quartz is the preferred glass for electrical insulation and low loss dielectric properties. The electrical insulating properties of pure fused Quartz are superior to those of ceramics. Dielectric materials have very low electrical conductivity but support electrostatic field.
  • Low dielectric = lower electrical conductivity
  • High dielectric = higher electrical conductivity
  • Low EC = higher thermal stability
  • High EC = lower thermal stability

A lower dielectric constant means that our Quartz coil retains more electrical current from the heating element fused within. This increased electrical retention provides higher thermal stability.

A higher dielectric constant results in a slower propagation of light through the medium and it allows for polarization of the medium. The polarization is the ability for the molecules or atoms in the medium to slightly separate and become dipole moments in the presence of an applied electric field. In a ceramic coil this translates to a higher thermal loss versus Quartz. Meaning the user needs more power for thermal operation. More power equals higher temperatures with low thermal conductive materials.

What does all this mean ?

Our Quartz coil vape technology can reach thermal operation with lower voltage. Lower voltage can operate our coil at lower temperatures preserving the terpene flavor profile of delicate sauces and extracts. These numbers can be used to valuate the difference in coil property measurements between material.

Thermal Conductivity | W/(m K)
Quartz – 3
Ceramic – 1.5

Dielectric Constant | V/m
Quartz – 3.78
Ceramic – 9.6

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